Inventory Software Bangladesh

Centralize inventory operations.

Know what’s in stock in real time. Track inventory quantities across your channels and warehouses from one location. Use views to quickly see what products are available, running low, or awaiting to be replenished.

Best Inventory Software in Bangladesh


Inventory Management Features

Centralized Inventory Tracking

Brings all of your inventory together by integrating with your marketplaces, payment processors and accounting solutions into Winux Inventory Solution.

Transparent Inventory Stages

Keep track of inventory availability at all times. With inventory stages you’ll know not only what’s on hand but also what’s been ordered and is awaiting delivery.

Low Stock Alerts

Never get caught off-guard with low inventory. Set low stock thresholds and automatically get alerted when stock has hit that level.

Sales Forecasting

Predict inventory needs using our proprietary sales forecasting model that was created specifically for retail businesses like yours.


Know exactly where your inventory is located by allocating and viewing inventory by warehouses or retail locations. Create transfer orders to gain transparency when transfering stock between warehouses.

FBA Stock Management

Leverage FBA and Prime status for inventory and your other channels. With a centralized view of FBA inventory quantities you can always keep inventory in stock.

Product Bundling

Never get caught off-guard with low inventory. Set low stock thresholds and automatically get alerted when stock has hit that level.

Multi-level Categories

Adding categories as you require has never been easier, and now you can create sub-sub-categories just as easily, providing additional inventory item sorting capabilities .

Stock Adjustment from Warehouse and Location

Inventory can be recorded against Warehouses and Locations, as a stock item is added to an invoice it’s available stock is automatically updated.

Customizable Invoices

Pre-built invoices allow for some customization, such as company logos. Complete custom invoice designs. Discounted amounts are recorded within the invoice itself, allowing discounts to be applied per customer

Customer Management

As customers are added to an invoice, they are automatically added to the central database. Existing customers can be quickly found searching on common fields such as business name, contact, address, etc.

Record Payments and Payment Methods

Record payments made against an invoice and any outstanding amounts. Paid in full invoices are automatically archived, while outstanding invoices or customer bills can be reported on.


Customer Sales Reports, Show customer outstanding balances, Report on the cost of stock and sale value, with a quick summary of profit.